Recell® is a highly versatile, high quality sustainable cellulose-based solution. 

The Recell® platform is made up of high profile industries and institutions that form a partnership to make Recell® a circular solution. Explore below.


What does the platform do? To remain the most sustainable product made from cellulose, Recell® works together with many partners. Our joint mission is to reduce CO2 emissions and deforestation, caused by industries, by providing sustainable and affordable alternatives to highly polluting raw materials. This goal is achieved by good cooperation, sharing knowledge and constantly innovating products.

What is the advantage of a platform? Recell® offers a cycle of production that circulates resources to reduce environmental costs. Circulated resources allow us to use less traditional resources, reducing the need of fossil fuels or deforestation. And due to our resource circulation initiatives within our cycle, our platform emits less carbon waste. This makes Recell® an environmentally conscious solution.

Who benefits from the platform? The Recell® platform is for companies and knowledge institutions from many industries that, together, contribute to innovative solutions for a circular economy. For example, we work together on solutions to reduce operational costs of WWTP´s and help to improve production systems to reduce CO2 emissions.

Explore more below on how the Recell® platform can benefit your organisation.


Recell® actively supports the Renewable Carbon framework by Nova Institut. For more information, click here.


Recell® is a cellulose product that greatly enhances the sustainability of industrial production. Recell® is used as a raw material and as an end product. 


Recell® is a product that can be widely used in the construction, infrastructure and chemical industries. We invite companies in these industries to realise the circular economy together.

Recell® is a development by Recell Group BV, an 

innovation-focused organisation utilising cellulose 

as an essential means in circular economy.  

One of the suppliers for Recell® is Cellvation®We share a similar vision and mission regarding cellulose in a circular economy

The Recell® trademark is registered at BOIP, reg. nr. 0988739.

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