Recell® has been nominated for the Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2020 in the circularity category




 The Cellvation® technology is one of the frontrunners producing Recell®.

The versatile value of Recell® can be seen 

through a wide variety of applications.

Recell® holds the potential to reduce 40 Million Tonnes of CO2 from the environment. That is equivalent to.. 

The Irish carbon emission from fossil fuel in 2017 (38 Million tonnes)

Planting 2 Billion new trees (1 tree can absorb up to 20 kg/year of CO2)

Driving over 300 Billion km in a diesel car (average CO2 emission = 120 g/km)

Taking 60 Million round trip flights between New York and London (680 kg/pax)


Recell® is a high quality cellulose product from 

waste applicable for construction, agro-, and chemical industry as an additive, feedstock, or final product. 


Recell®'s versatility is able to sustain a wide range of applications and projects. We invite organisations that share our vision of circular economy as partners.

Recell® is a brand powered by KNN Cellulose BV, an 

innovation- focused organisation utilising cellulose 

as an essential means in circular economy.  

One of the suppliers for Recell® is Cellvation®We share a similar vision and mission to promote and

empower circular economy in waste water treatment. 

The Recell® trademark is registered at BOIP, reg. nr. 0988739.

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