Recell® is a sustainable and high quality cellulose-based product for high profile industrial applications such as biocomposites, insulation, road construction, and agriculture.

Recell® is committed to help realise the UN global sustainability development goals in the following categories:
High-quality tertiary cellulose, upcycled from complex residual streams.



Applying Recell® in your business model contributes directly to the circular economy. This is an essential pathway for future policy readiness and reaching a global mark on tackling climate change.


With recent trends of waste reduction and environmental concerns, the use of Recell®

will therefore instantly help your institution to achieve its corporate social responsibility goals (CSR).


Only together can we realise a circular economy. 


Recell® is made up entirely out

of renewable resources that are safe for the environment. Recell® also uses less resources for your needs compared to non-sustainable traditional materials.

A CO2 performance analysis has shown that for every ton of Recell® applied two tonnes of CO2 emission is avoided! 


Recell® reduces the cost of waste disposal, and its sustainable properties reduce long-term

cost of production, specifically

in a world where reducing 

environmental impact becomes more and more essential. 

Recell® offers a high degree of customisation to fit your products specifications. Contact our specialists in case of questions. 




Recell® is a cellulose product that greatly enhances the sustainability of industrial production. Recell® is used as a raw material and as an end product. 


Recell® is a product that can be widely used in the construction, infrastructure and chemical industries. We invite companies in these industries to realise the circular economy together.

Recell® is a development by Recell Group BV, an 

innovation-focused organisation utilising cellulose 

as an essential means in circular economy.  

One of the suppliers for Recell® is Cellvation®We share a similar vision and mission regarding cellulose in a circular economy

The Recell® trademark is registered at BOIP, reg. nr. 0988739.

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