Chemical industries are in need of an alternative for fossil resources.
The Cell-U-Value initiative aims to reduce carbon emission from chemical industries while remaining economically competitive.
The initiative's objective is to develop sustainable cellulose-based chemicals.


Cell-U-Value aims to develop and utilize the capabilities of tertiary cellulose as a feedstock for biobased and sustainable chemicals to its fullest potential, and also to tackle and overcome the challenges coinciding with these processes. This fits perfectly in the description of the program line Circularity.


Functional production process from tertiary cellulose on a technical level


Lab-scale feasibility demonstration on the tertiary cellulose conversion to acetic acid by fermentation integrated with reactive extraction.


Strong perspective towards full scale value chain, both economically and environmentally.


Broad dissemination of knowledge across network.

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Elchin Jafariyeh Yazdi is a PhD candidate at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen working at the forefront of the development of the Cell-U-Value initiative 


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We invite institutions and companies from the paper industry, sewage treatment, waste treatment, and recycling industry to join us as partners of the Cell-U-Value initiative


Recell® is a cellulose product for greening of industrial production. It is applied  as an additive, a raw material or a final product. 


Recell®' is applied in construction and chemical industries. We invite these industries tot co-develop the circular economy.

Recell® is a development by KNN Cellulose BV, an 

innovation-focused organisation utilising cellulose 

as an essential means in circular economy.  

One of the suppliers for Recell® is Cellvation®We share a similar vision and mission regarding cellulose in a circular economy

The Recell® trademark is registered at BOIP, reg. nr. 0988739.

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